Can you ever recover from a divorce?

sad woman

Karen says, "Divorce can feel like a horrible disease of mind, body and spirit that possesses you and takes over your life. You wonder if you'll ever recover from it - if you'll ever be you again. If I were to step into your shoes for a minute, I bet you feel a little bit like this..."

Some moments you probably feel disoriented and want so much for things to be "normal" again.

Other times you're worried and unsure of what the future holds.

Often you're exhausted, unable to sleep, and wondering how you'll ever be able to do everything that needs to be done.

Then you're anxious because everything and everyone seems to be needing more and more of you...but you've got nothing left.

In the end, you might even wonder if you're still sane or will ever feel right again.

I get it. I've been EXACTLY where you are right now. When my marriage ended in 2002 I struggled with exactly the same feelings. I had no idea when things would get better and what it would take for me and my life to feel "normal" again.

Being on the other side of a divorce, I can confidently tell you that you will get past this; there will be a time in the not so distant future when you will start to see the glimmer of hope that you can be happy again. I know because I've done it myself and I have also helped hundreds of other people to do it.

And I can help you too.

The truth is that recovering from divorce is laced with many different sets of feelings, experiences, and repercussions. All of these act as setbacks to reclaiming your energy and life. Some are BIG and others are microscopic, but each one impacts how you recover from your divorce and how you ultimately feel about yourself.

Why does this matter?

crossroadsBecause as you imagine your future, there will be a moment in your life when you're ready to create and embrace your new "normal" maybe even a moment when you're ready for love again. A time when you say to yourself, "I have forgiven myself (and maybe even my ex) and I want to fully live my life again". Can you see that day? I can. And I want that day for you.

But in order to recover from your divorce, you have to work through the ending of this relationship along with all of its unexpected experiences and repercussions. It's through the process of tackling each bit of your divorce head-on that you will recover from it and be able to fully embrace your life again. Consider that you've only got so much energy; if a great deal of it is spent dealing with your divorce then there's little left for you to experience the good part of your life. You have to identify and deal with all the pain and poison of your divorce to have the energy for your life and feeling "normal" again.

And you can do this in one of two ways: hoping that you'll get better or by taking action.

What do I mean by this? For some people, they hope that time will make things better. They hope that the anguish they're experiencing will just fade away. And they're right - kinda. The anguish does fade, but it is usually replaced by a permanent bitterness that sucks their energy and eats away at their souls for the rest of their lives.

Or you can take action to remove all traces of bitterness and anguish.

This way is healthier. This way is more natural and quicker to reclaim your energy and your life because you address each nuance of your divorce as it comes up. Your recovery is the focus instead of the disease of your divorce and its fallout.

If you're ready to recover from your divorce, I can help. Personalized coaching with me will allow you to put your where it belongs - on your recovery. We'll achieve this by addressing each issue you face, each emotion you feel, and dispelling each of your fears.

Here's how it works. Try out a reduced cost 30-minute private coaching session with me. If we both believe that working together will help you recover from your divorce more quickly, then we'll discuss how we will make that happen. If we don't agree that working together now is in your best interest, you'll still leave the session knowing my suggestions for your next steps to recover from your divorce.

Still not sure if you'd like to schedule your first private coaching session? Here's what one woman who successfully recovered from her divorce had to say about working with me:

"If only I could capture this positive feeling and put it in a bottle and take a whiff/swig from it whenever I feel down. I always have a great time chatting to you and it amazes me how much 'stuff' comes out of our discussions. I am thoroughly enjoying our sessions and feel that they and you have been a TREMENDOUS help. Thanks so much for all you have helped me do and accomplish in such a short period of time."

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