Building A Happy Life

A yellow arrow painted on a paved walk pointing toward happiness.

Pretending To Be Happy? Here’s How You Can BE Happy Instead

By Dr. Karen Finn / November 25, 2021

Chin up! Get back in the saddle. Fake it ‘til you make it if you have to. Turn that frown upside down and get back into the game. So much advice that only keeps you pretending to be happy instead of helping you to be genuinely happy. People mean well, but they don’t always advise…

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Woman sitting and smiling as she reads finding-happiness quotes.

5 Finding-Happiness Quotes That Remind You Happiness Is Always Within Reach

By Dr. Karen Finn / September 29, 2021

Are you happy? Is your answer an easy, genuine ‘yes,’ or does the question give you pause? It’s a loaded question, simple as it is. And, if you’re going through a rough patch in your life, you may be questioning your happiness. But a healthy dose of finding-happiness quotes can help reconnect you to that…

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Happy woman standing with her face to the sun enjoying its warmth.

How To Find Reasons To Be Happy

By Dr. Karen Finn / August 8, 2021

For all the reasons to be happy in this life, there are times when everyone struggles to find them. Personal losses, relationship changes, even too much status quo — they can all put a fog over an otherwise sunny disposition.  We’ve all watched the human-interest stories at the end of the nightly news. You know,…

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Man smiling and enjoying his happy life while leaning on a railing with NYC in the background.

If You Want To Live A Happy Life, Stop Doing These 7 Things

By Dr. Karen Finn / May 20, 2021

Somewhere in a one-in-a-million fortune cookie is written all you need to know if you want to live a happy life. (And on the flip side of that pearl of wisdom are your guaranteed winning numbers for the upcoming Lotto.) You and I both know, of course, that winning a jackpot won’t guarantee a happy…

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Woman jumping for joy because she is living a happy and healthy life.

How To Create A Happy And Healthy Life For Yourself

By Dr. Karen Finn / March 25, 2021

It seems like such a given of an aspiration, doesn’t it — the simple desire for a happy and healthy life?  And yet, guilds of writers, philosophers, and Buddha wannabes expound on how to achieve it. For all our modern advances and easy-access knowledge, we humans still go about trying to reinvent the wheel. Or…

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Woman laughing as she struggles with holding a s’more.

6 Easy Ways To Better Enjoy Your Life And Be Happy

By Dr. Karen Finn / January 17, 2021

The effort to get ahead, enjoy your life, and be happy can, at times, feel like being trapped on a destinationless hamster wheel. When it comes to that simple quest, we’re all pretty much the same. And yet, for all those years of self-help books and Oprah-in-the-afternoons, happiness can still seem frustratingly elusive. The Dalai…

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Woman feeling joyous because she’s practicing the best tips for a happy life.

28 Tips For A Happy Life

By Dr. Karen Finn / November 12, 2020

Smiling is a great place to start. It’s both amazing and sad the number of people who spend the majority of their days feeling depressed, anxious, and generally unhappy. And, yet the majority of them can feel differently. I know this is the case because I used to be one of them. I used to…

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Man wearing sunglasses and smiling after reading success and happiness quotes.

7 Success And Happiness Quotes – It Is Possible To Have Both

By Dr. Karen Finn / September 9, 2020

Do you believe it’s possible to be successful & happy? You’re in good company if you do. It’s not too much to ask, is it? To be successful and happy? After all, it seems only logical that if you can only achieve success, you’ll be happy. But you don’t have to be knee-deep in adulthood to know…

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Little boy joyfully playing in a sprinkler.

6 Reasons Happiness Is NOT A Destination

By Dr. Karen Finn / July 17, 2020

Is it possible to find happiness right here, right now? “Happiness is not a destination,” they say. “It’s a journey.” It’s a mindset, a perspective, a choice. And it has nothing to do with finally reaching the Holy Grail of anticipated, sought-after bliss. If happiness runs in your veins, this may be preaching to the…

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Genuinely happy, smiling woman wearing a gray t-shirt and blue hat.

9 Things All Happy People Know About Being Genuinely Happy

By Dr. Karen Finn / May 22, 2020

Are you ready to discover how to be genuinely happy? Happiness. Genuine, effortless, unencumbered happiness. It’s the Holy Grail of our pursuits, the quest of our madness in a world bent on having more, more, more. We work harder, condense the contents of time, and speed up the hamster wheel with every step. All in…

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Woman sitting in a field of flowers laughing about these funny, inspirational quotes about life and happiness.

Funny, Inspirational Quotes About Life And Happiness

By Dr. Karen Finn / March 25, 2020

We all need a little perspective now and again. We’re all guilty of taking ourselves too seriously at times. And, while we’re wallowing in the heaviness of our thoughts, the motive for our pursuits is often tiptoeing out the back door. We lose the moment, our sense of humor, and often our sense of purpose…

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Man wearing glasses smiling because he knows his happy life will begin when you chooses it.

Divorced And Wondering When Your Happy Life Will Begin? Here’s What You Need To Know

By Dr. Karen Finn / January 31, 2020

Could you really have control over when your happy life will begin? If you’re in the throes of a divorce or have recently divorced, your world is understandably topsy-turvy. Up is down, and down is what you are all the time. And you’re probably wondering when your happy life will begin (assuming it ever will).…

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