Building A Happy Life

Smiling woman who discovered that she can live a happy life after an unexpected divorce.

Yes, You Can Live A Happy Life After An Unexpected Divorce & Here’s How

By Dr. Karen Finn / January 17, 2020

After an unexpected divorce, it’s natural to wonder if you can live a happy life ever again. If you work through these 7 steps, you will find your happy again.

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Man wearing sunglasses and smiling because he’s found his keys to a happy life.

How To Discover Your Keys To A Happy Life

By Dr. Karen Finn / September 24, 2019

Happiness doesn’t have to be just a fleeting emotion. Try using these seven keys to a happy life to experience more sustained happiness & contentment.

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Beautiful smiling woman who’s found the secret to how to find happiness in your life.

How To Find Happiness In Your Life

By Dr. Karen Finn / August 27, 2019

If you’re tired of never quite being as happy as you’d like, here you’ll discover the secret for how to find happiness in your life once and for all.

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Woman leaning against a hedge enjoying the happiness in life that she’s found.

18 Quotes From Famous Americans About Finding Happiness In Life

By Dr. Karen Finn / August 23, 2019

Finding happiness in life isn’t always easy – in part because it’s unique to each of us. These quotes may help you find your personal path to happiness.

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