Building A Happy Life

Man wearing sunglasses and smiling because he’s found his keys to a happy life.

How To Discover Your Keys To A Happy Life

By Dr. Karen Finn / September 24, 2019

Try these seven things to find your keys to a happy life. Most believe that happiness is just a feeling you sometimes stumble upon – if you’re one of the lucky ones. But what if it were possible to actually unlock it and have it readily available to you by using specific keys to a…

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Beautiful smiling woman who’s found the secret to how to find happiness in your life.

How To Find Happiness In Your Life

By Dr. Karen Finn / August 27, 2019

It really is possible for you to be happy. Sometimes it can seem like you’re playing a game of hind-and-seek with happiness. Some days you might catch a fleeting glimpse of it, but it still eludes you.  Yet happiness is something you can have – you just need to know how to find happiness in…

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Woman leaning against a hedge enjoying the happiness in life that she’s found.

18 Quotes From Famous Americans About Finding Happiness In Life

By Dr. Karen Finn / August 23, 2019

Which of these quotes inspire you to greater happiness in life? The pursuit of happiness in life is one of the goals the founding fathers had for each American. Things have really changed a lot since the 1770s, but one thing hasn’t. We each still search for happiness. The following quotes about finding happiness in…

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