Unhappy man contemplating whether his marriage is unhealthy or toxic.

How To Decide If Your Marriage Is Just Unhealthy Or Completely Toxic

By Dr. Karen Finn / June 18, 2020

The leap from an “unhealthy” marriage to a “toxic” one may seem more like a fine line than a leap, especially if you don’t pay attention to these early signs.

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Beautiful mature woman wondering, “How can self-awareness help me?”

How Can Self-Awareness Help Me?

By Dr. Karen Finn / June 3, 2020

Wondering “How can self-awareness help me?” Many question the purpose of self-awareness. And, like them, you may be surprised by the answer – greater happiness.

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Genuinely happy, smiling woman wearing a gray t-shirt and blue hat.

9 Things All Happy People Know About Being Genuinely Happy

By Dr. Karen Finn / May 22, 2020

Tired of chasing happiness and never quite catching it? With these 9 observations about being genuinely happy, you just might finally catch it.

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Man with his face in his hands thinking I have no life after my divorce.

What It Really Means When You Think, “I Have No Life After Divorce”

By Dr. Karen Finn / May 6, 2020

Whether or not you wanted the split, you probably didn’t anticipate thinking you had no life after divorce. Luckily, not all thoughts have to be true.

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Couple sitting by a fire who aren’t speaking because of unhealthy communication in their marriage.

What Is Unhealthy Communication In Marriage?

By Dr. Karen Finn / April 22, 2020

Unhealthy communication in marriage can just happen. But by knowing exactly what it is you can change the way you communicate and make your marriage better.

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Self-aware woman standing behind her sitting husband and hugging him.

How Can Self-Awareness Improve Your Relationship?

By Dr. Karen Finn / April 10, 2020

Instead of asking how can self-awareness improve things, the real question is how can’t it? It’s time to stop being a victim & embrace your power.

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Woman sitting in a field of flowers laughing about these funny, inspirational quotes about life and happiness.

Funny, Inspirational Quotes About Life And Happiness

By Dr. Karen Finn / March 25, 2020

Here are several funny, inspirational quotes about life and happiness to help you clear out the mental cobwebs & focus on your life’s purpose & possibilities.

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Woman sitting outside and laughing as she realizes, “I love my life after divorce!”

6 Strategies To Get To The Point Where You Can Truthfully Say, “I Love My Life After Divorce”

By Dr. Karen Finn / March 11, 2020

You will be able to honestly say, “I love my life after divorce” if you do the work necessary to put the past behind you & bravely move forward with these tips.

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Married couple hugging under a tree after discovering how to fix an unhealthy marriage.

How To Fix An Unhealthy Marriage And Get That Loving Feeling Back

By Dr. Karen Finn / February 26, 2020

Knowing how to fix an unhealthy marriage could save you even more years of misery. You (& your spouse) deserve to be happy. Here’s how to find happiness again.

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Man and woman sitting in a coffee shop exploring how self-awareness can affect communication.

How Self-Awareness Can Affect Communication With Anyone In Incredibly Positive Ways

By Dr. Karen Finn / February 12, 2020

Knowing how self-awareness can affect communication can improve every relationship in your life. It’s a powerful tool that can facilitate problem-solving.

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Man wearing glasses smiling because he knows his happy life will begin when you chooses it.

Divorced And Wondering When Your Happy Life Will Begin? Here’s What You Need To Know

By Dr. Karen Finn / January 31, 2020

You have a lot to do in determining when your happy life will begin after divorce – no matter who chose to end it. Use these tips to help it begin much sooner.

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Smiling woman who discovered that she can live a happy life after an unexpected divorce.

Yes, You Can Live A Happy Life After An Unexpected Divorce & Here’s How

By Dr. Karen Finn / January 17, 2020

After an unexpected divorce, it’s natural to wonder if you can live a happy life ever again. If you work through these 7 steps, you will find your happy again.

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