Surviving Infidelity

Woman struggling with the painful question, “Can I survive infidelity?”

If You’re Wondering, “Can I Survive Infidelity?” Here’s Your Answer

By Dr. Karen Finn / August 12, 2018

Surviving infidelity requires that you make it though the emotional pain and rebuild trust. The dagger of infidelity cuts deeply and scars in layers. It shreds your trust, hopes and dreams. It changes everything. “Can I survive infidelity?” you may ask. If you are on the receiving end of your partner’s unfaithfulness, you probably feel…

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Man thinking about cheating to get out of a relationship.

What To Do If You’re Thinking About Cheating To Get Out Of A Relationship

By Dr. Karen Finn / June 27, 2018

Simply cheating won’t solve your problem. You can end your relationship in a better way. If your relationship is over. It’s over. And yet you’re thinking about cheating to get out of it. If you’ve already decided to end the relationship, why cheat? There are three reasons why people believe cheating to get out of…

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One of fifteen surviving infidelity quotes.

15 Surviving Infidelity Quotes To Help You Heal

By Dr. Karen Finn / April 26, 2018

Whether you were betrayed, or you cheated, these surviving infidelity quotes can help you move past the pain. Dealing with betrayal is very difficult because it triggers an avalanche of emotions for both of you. If you cheated, chances are you’re wracked with guilt and confusion, yet yearning for your spouse’s forgiveness and love. If…

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How infidelity can save a marriage instead of destroying it.

How Infidelity Can Save A Marriage (Yes, It’s Possible!)

By Dr. Karen Finn / March 2, 2018

Are you both open-minded and determined enough to consider this path instead? Cheating isn’t always a death sentence for a marriage. In many cases, cheating is a catalyst for strengthening a marital relationship. If you’re interested in learning how infidelity can save a marriage, you’re going to have to have an open-mind and be willing…

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Why infidelity is so painful to the betrayed spouse

Why Infidelity Is So Painful To The Betrayed Spouse

By Dr. Karen Finn / November 12, 2017

Being betrayed hurts mentally, emotionally and physically. There are no two ways about it. If your marriage has been impacted by infidelity, you’re going through one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences anyone can have. Dr. Barry Bass states that the after-effects of infidelity “resemble the psychic disorientation and confusion” victims of natural disasters suffer…

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So you cheated, now what are you going to do about it?

So You Cheated … Now What?

By Dr. Karen Finn / September 19, 2017

 The way forward isn’t easy, but it’s the best direction to go. You can’t change what’s happened, no matter how much you may want to. The fact is you cheated. Now, what you do about it, no matter what it is, will completely change your marriage. Obviously, your actions broke your spouse’s trust. What may…

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How Cheating Affects The Cheater

How Cheating Affects The Cheater

By Dr. Karen Finn / July 24, 2017

The one who was betrayed isn’t the only victim of cheating. The betrayal of infidelity hurts. The cheater’s actions hurt the spouse who was betrayed, their children, their families, close friends, and even their community. But these aren’t the only people infidelity hurts. Cheating hurts the cheater too. You’re probably wondering how cheating could possibly…

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Why infidelity leads to divorce for some couples, but not others

Why Infidelity Leads To Divorce For Some Couples, But Not All

By Dr. Karen Finn / June 27, 2017

Each couple dealing with infidelity has 3 options for how they will move forward. Discovering that your spouse has been unfaithful is horrifying and confusing. You search for explanations for how your partner could have made the choice to betray you. You wonder if there’s something wrong with you. Or maybe there’s something wrong with…

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Man looking out window and wondering what causes infidelity in marriage.

What Causes Infidelity In Marriage?

By Dr. Karen Finn / May 22, 2017

There’s healing help in knowing these four reasons why married people cheat. Most people don’t become curious about the causes of infidelity until it’s impacted them personally. Maybe they’ve cheated, are cheating, or are considering cheating and don’t understand how they wound up in this situation. Maybe they’ve discovered their spouse has been or is…

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Surviving infidelity triggers is something this woman triumphed over using the best tips.

The 5 Best Tips For Surviving Infidelity Triggers

By Dr. Karen Finn / May 1, 2017

Despite the trauma, you can beat the triggers of betrayal. Discovering that your spouse has had or is having an affair is one of the cruelest betrayals you can ever suffer. The person you chose to trust implicitly threw your trust away as if it meant nothing to them – as if you meant nothing…

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How couples survive infidelity isn’t a simple thing, but it is possible.

How Couples Survive Infidelity

By Dr. Karen Finn / April 17, 2017

If you and your spouse possess these 6 characteristics, you’ve got a good shot at making it. Most people assume that if a spouse cheats then their marriage is doomed. And these people are right – some of the time divorce is the answer. The surprising truth is that marriages can bounce back from an…

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A couple who know the secret of how to survive infidelity and restore your relationship.

How To Survive Infidelity And Restore Your Relationship

By Dr. Karen Finn / April 10, 2017

It doesn’t matter which side of the infidelity you were on, you’ve got to work to fix things. One of you cheated…and one of you was betrayed. Surviving infidelity isn’t an easy thing because it strikes to the core of what every relationship needs – trust. Yet, you’ve made it through the initial pain and…

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