December Gift

My gift to myself this year is giving you a proven way to get over your divorce at a great price!


December is a really tough month when you’re going through divorce. Last year, your family was together. Yeah, it might not have been great, but it was a known quantity. You knew you would be spending the holidays with your family.

This year you won’t all be together. This year you might not even have the kids with you. This year you might be all alone.

And this year you might be feeling stuck in the misery of your divorce instead of enjoying the holiday season. I really don’t want that to be how this holiday season is for you.


What I want for you is to:

  • Feel reassured that what you’re experiencing is normal
  • Know that you’re taking a solid step forward every day toward your positive new future
  • Take comfort in receiving a new email from me every day, so you won’t have to go through your divorce alone (especially at this time of year)
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I hope this is what you want for yourself too. And if it is, consider giving yourself a gift – one that will help you feel reassured that what you’re experiencing is normal, that you’re not stuck and you are making forward progress toward being happy again and that will be there for you every day.

How would you feel if you received a gift like this?


I know money can be especially tight when you’re getting divorced and even more so around the holidays. And I also know that the holidays can be really tough now that they’re so different from what they were. That’s why I’m bundling together my best products for helping you get over your divorce in just the right order and offering them to you at a terrific price. So it will be easy for you to give yourself this gift.

  • The first product is the divorce adjustment self-assessment that will help you gauge just how much longer it will take you to recover from your divorce. Your results will show you how you compare to hundreds of other people who have been through divorce. You will also receive a personalized plan to help you start moving forward toward greater healing PLUS you’ll get a 30-minute debrief session with me so I can answer any questions you may have about your results. (Regular price $23.50)
  • The second is my daily email messages e-book On The Road From Heartbreak To Happiness which will greet you in your inbox every day with an inspirational action to take to help you recover from your divorce. (Regular price $29.97)
  • And then, when the last daily email message arrives, you’ll be able to take the divorce adjustment self-assessment again so you can see how far you’ve come with getting over your divorce. And you’ll get another 30-minute debrief session with me. (Regular price $23.50)

The gift bundle of 2 “How long does it take to recover from divorce?” self-assessments and my daily email messages e-book On The Road From Heartbreak To Happiness is a proven formula for getting over divorce on your own.


If you want to give yourself a meaningful gift this year that will help to set you up for a happier 2016, I’m making it easy for you.

For the rest of December, you can purchase this bundle of products for only $49.97 instead of the $76.97 it would normally cost to purchase all of them.

To take advantage of this terrific gift price of only $49.97, click the button below to make your purchase.

Purchase Now

 Give yourself the gift of taking your first step to getting over your divorce for good.

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll be able to take the self-assessment. After I receive your results, I’ll contact you to schedule your debrief session. And tomorrow you’ll begin receiving your daily email messages.

Make your gift to yourself this year one that you’ll appreciate for the rest of your life by choosing to do what you can to heal from your divorce as quickly as possible.

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