Dealing With Grief


By Dr. Karen Finn / February 25, 2013

At some point in your divorce, you’re going to ask yourself, “WHY?” Your why may show up as “Why did our marriage end in divorce?” Or it might show up as “Why can’t we make it work out?” At the core of your question is a quest for understanding the cause of your divorce. More…

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All Tangled Up?

By Dr. Karen Finn / January 27, 2013

Have you ever felt all tangled up on the inside and didn’t know which direction to turn? Or maybe you’ve felt that you’re stuck in quicksand and it’s taking all your effort to just make it through each day? Or worse, you’ve felt that you’re wearing a choke-chain of all your responsibilities and don’t really…

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Flexibility: It’s About More Than Just Muscles

By Dr. Karen Finn / December 17, 2012

Life changes a lot when you separate and divorce. Things that used to be a regular part of life just aren’t anymore. And when things change in unexpected ways, we can get scared, frustrated and angry. When clients begin working with me, they’re usually experiencing some combination of fear, frustration and anger. One of the…

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Woman sitting on the floor by her bed crying and wishing she would stop hurting.

When Will I Stop Hurting So Much?

By Dr. Karen Finn / November 19, 2012

Loneliness is one of the first most painful emotions to appear when you get divorced. Even if you were lonely in your marriage, it’s just somehow different when you are living alone. (Yes, this is true even if your children are living with you.) The ways that people express loneliness are unique to each person.…

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From Endings To Beginnings

By Dr. Karen Finn / April 9, 2012

For most people, spring brings to mind sprouting plants, rain showers and new beginnings. And yet, despite the season, most people going through divorce find it hard at times to think of beginning anything new when what was -their marriage- is ending. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the things that just…

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A Quick And Simple Way To Dump Divorce Depression

By Dr. Karen Finn / March 30, 2012

It’s rare that someone sees their divorce as a success. Most people see divorce as a failure – their personal failure. The very sad fact is that it’s not unusual for someone to interpret the failure of their marriage as their failure in life. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As an individual, you…

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