Many people don't know what working with a divorce coach is like or even what the benefits of working with one are. They have questions and lots of them.

You've probably got questions too. Below are some frequently asked questions and Karen Finn's answers to those questions.

And, if you don't find an answer to any of your questions here, please feel free to contact Karen.

  • Who benefits from working with you? +

    People who are ready to change their lives for the better. They’re ready to try new ways of thinking, behaving, and even believing. They’re willing to observe the results and continue making small adjustments until they are confident of their decisions and the direction their life is heading.
  • Can my marriage be saved? +

    Oh how I wish I knew the answer to that for everyone who asks. The truth is no one can predict whether or not your marriage can be saved. What’s a bump in the road to one couple is grounds for divorce to another. If you’re questioning whether or not you want to stay in your marriage, you need to make sure you’ve done what you can to make your marriage work. Together we can figure out what that is. If your spouse is questioning whether or not they want to stay in your marriage, ask what’s causing them to wonder. Once you understand their motivation, you’ll know whether or not there’s something you can do to save your marriage. If there is, together we can figure out how you can do it. If there’s not, together we can put together your plan for moving on.
  • What can you practically help me with? +

    I can help you cut through the chaos ­ both inside and out ­ so you can gain clarity. With clarity, you can make better decisions. Once you make a decision, I help you identify the steps you need to take, brainstorm with you solutions to the obstacles you’ll face, hold you accountable for taking the steps, and provide you with the support you need as you transform your life.
  • What are the big issues you help someone with? +

    I help people with all kinds of issues. Here are some examples of things I’ve recently helped people with:

    • Can my marriage be saved?
    • How can I co­parent with a bully?
    • How do I find a divorce attorney that will really represent me?
    • How can I stop hurting so much?
    • My spouse has filed for divorce and I don’t want to get divorced.
    • I haven’t had a job for years because I’ve been raising our family. I don’t know what I want to do. How can I make a living?
    • I think I’m ready to date. Am I really?
    • I’m ready to try online dating. What do I need to know?
    • What do I need to do differently to make my next relationship work?
    • I’m so sad that I can’t even get out of bed. I just cry and cry and cry.
    • I’m so angry that I can’t think about anything besides how I’m going to get even.
    • How can I proceed peacefully through my divorce?
    • How can I forgive the unforgivable?
    • It seems like my world is falling apart. Can you help me make sense of it?
  • Do you work with people like me? +

    If you’re contemplating divorce, in the process of divorce, grieving the loss of your marriage, or ready to move on from you divorce, yes, I work with people just like you.
  • What’s the risk of not working on my issues? +

    At times, it can seem so much easier to not do anything, but the truth is that if you don’t work on your issues you’re just going to get more of what you’ve got. If you don’t work on a marriage that isn’t fulfilling, it’s not going to miraculously become fulfilling. If you don’t address the pain and grief of a divorce, you’ll become bitter instead of better. If you want things to be different, YOU have to do, think or believe differently and that takes work.
  • Can you help me figure out how to talk to my kids? +

    I can definitely brainstorm with you ways to talk with your kids. After all the options are out on the table, we can figure out which one(s) will work best for your kids.
  • What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist? +

    Imagine you’re standing on a street corner with all of your bags and boxes of stuff all around you. A therapist will come up to you and say, “WOW! I can tell you want to move on from where you are. Let’s take a look inside of your bags and boxes and lighten your load so you can get on your way.” I’d come up to you and say something like, “WOW! I can tell you’re ready to get moving. Where is it that you’re headed? Would you be willing to take a baby­step in that direction?” As a life coach, I focus on the specific actions you can take to get on your way.
  • How do I know if I need to work with you? +

    The best way is to schedule a Complimentary Consultation so you can get to know me and together we can decide if working with me would be in your best interest or not.
  • How can someone figure out if divorce is their only option? +

    Divorce is your only option if the relationship is abusive to you or your children, there’s an addiction that’s not being dealt with, or you’re just providing a really poor marriage model for your children.

    If that’s not the case for you, then divorce isn’t your only option. However, if your spouse has already filed for divorce, then your options are more limited.

  • Is this confidential? +

    Yes, it is. Unless you give me explicit permission to share information with someone (e.g., your attorney), or you are a hazard to yourself or someone else, or I am court­ ordered to testify, I will not disclose what you share with me.
  • In our free consultation, can you recommend what I need the most? +

    Yes, in our Complimentary Consultation, I will identify the top issues you’re facing and suggest a game plan for moving forward.
  • What’s the first step in working with you? +

    The first step is to schedule a Complimentary Consultation.
  • Who hires you (or who are your clients)? +

    I work with men and women who vary in age from their late 20’s to late 60’s. Some of the people I work with are professionals, some are retired, and some are looking to re­enter the workforce. The common thread for all of my clients is that they are willing to do their part to make their life work better than it is now.
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