You’re at a Crossroads, But You Don’t Have to Be There Alone

Whether you’re currently going through a divorce, have been recently divorced or you’ve been divorced for a while but don’t have a solid direction, take a look at the services offered below.

The Functional Divorce process will help you get on track toward a more manageable, stress-free life that’s focused squarely on an ideal future.

Just think of how your life would be with these improvements in place:

  • A heightened feeling of self-esteem and self-worth
  • All the parts of your previous life that worked still in place, while…
  • …all the parts of your previous life that you want to leave behind will be replaced with new, more enriching elements
  • A sense of personal freedom you haven’t had for years, if ever

Remember, you do not have to go through it alone!

Take a look at all the ways the Functional Divorce process can help you right now:

Individual Coaching

You and I will go one-on-one to fully examine all the ways divorce is affecting you, and all the options you have to confidently move on.

Then I’ll coach you to take action on the best options for you, and will hold you accountable to make sure you’re following through, supporting you and guiding you through every twist and turn, and through any facet of the SELFF quotient that you may be dealing with.

If you can manage a weekly schedule that will allow you to see the benefits of my coaching as quickly as possible, then your results will be even faster!

Contact me right now to schedule your complimentary consultation and determine if working with me as your coach is the right thing for you.

WYRE – When Your Relationship Ends

The WYRE Workshops are based on the book Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher, Ph.D. and Robert Alberti, Ph.D.

Too often after a divorce people don’t know where to turn or what comes next in their lives. Things can be left in disarray at best and in tatters at worst.

In this seminar I’ll show you why it’s important to be able to have a healthy relationship with yourself before you can have a healthy relationship with others.

This seminar comes complete with homework assignments, interactive group discussions, class presentations and much more. While most changes take place outside the classroom, this seminar is the catalyst.

Each week we cover a new topic in the workshop. The topics we cover, in order, are the orientation/overview, adaptation, grief, anger, self-worth, openness, love, friendship/relatedness, sexuality and letting go.

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