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Dr. Karen Finn is the host of "Functional Divorce - Your Guide to Healing and Happiness" on WebTalkRadio. Each month, she hosts and produces 2 shows. Below is a sample of Karen's most recent shows.

What's The Deal With Gray Divorce?


Imagine your grandparents getting divorced after decades of marriage. Weird, huh? Well, more and more grandparents are divorcing these days. In fact, so many are divorcing that it’s a phenomenon known as gray divorce. Karen and her guest Karen Covy, a divorce lawyer, mediator, and educator discuss some of the big questions surrounding gray divorce: Why are so many older Americans divorcing? Why does it shake our worlds when grandparents divorce? What are the biggest challenges of gray divorce? and many others.

You can learn more about Karen Covy and her work at www.karencovy.com


Co-parents, Put An End To Your Divorce War - For Your Kids' Sake


Residual hurt and anger are pretty normal after divorce. The problem is that the only casualties of a divorce war are the kids. In this episode of Functional Divorce, Karen and her guest Karen Becker discuss the effects of poor co-parenting on kids and ways to stop divorce war. You can learn more about Karen Becker and her work at www.karenbeckerlifecoach.com.


Don't Let Your Divorce Haunt Your Loved Ones After Your Death


After you get divorced, one of the last things you probably want to do is to walk into another attorney's office to take care of your estate planning. Yet that's probably one of the things you need to prioritize on your to-do list. In this episode of Functional Divorce, Karen and her guest Ashley McMillan discuss the ins and outs of estate planning after divorce and what you need to do to make sure you and your loved ones aren't haunted by your divorce.

You can learn more about Ashley McMillan and The McMillan Firm at www.mcmillanpc.com.


How To De-Frump Yourself


Feeling less than gorgeous since your divorce? In this episode, Karen talks with image consultant Kay Smith about what you need to do to de-frump yourself. Their lively conversation about hairstyle, makeup and apparel tips will help you to feel better about improving your appearance. AND they share the secrets of why de-frumping yourself after divorce is so important. You can learn more about Kay Smith and her innovative Energy Dressing at www.energydressing.com.


It Really Is That Complicated - One Man's Truth About Male And Female Relationships


In this episode, Dr. Charles Rawlings shares the story behind his book It Really Is That Complicated, a bit about his post-divorce dating experiences, along with some of his philosophies about dating and life You can learn more about Dr. Charles Rawlings and his book at www.itreallyisthatcomplicatedbook.com.


How to Get a Fair Divorce Settlement


In this episode, Karen speaks with Travis Federick a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) with Ameriprise Financial. They discuss 3 keys to getting a fair divorce: 1. What makes a divorce fair financially? 2. What's the best strategy for getting a fair settlement? 3. What role does a CDFA play in making sure your divorce settlement is fair? You can learn more about Travis and his services by calling him at 817-722-2464.


Feeling Stressed? Getting a Prescription Isn't Your Only Option

MelissaDunlap In this episode, Karen speaks with chiropractor Dr. Melissa Dunlap. Karen and Dr. Dunlap discuss a common problem in divorce - feeling overwhelmed with stress. They talk about not only the sources of stress, but some easy ways to decrease your stress when going through divorce (and any other time you just need a little stress relief). You can learn more about the work Dr. Dunlap does at aspire-health.com or reach her office at 214-234-0000.


What You Need To Know About Credit And Divorce

PaulHendricks In this episode, Karen speaks with Paul Hendricks, a consumer finance expert with Build My Scores Credit Services. Karen and Paul discuss how the division of debt in divorce can impact you years after you divorce is final and how not only newly divorced but anyone can both establish and improve their credit. You can learn more about the work Paul does at buildmyscores.com or reach him directly at 214-505-7746.


WAIT! Listen to This Before You Hire Your Divorce Attorney...


In this episode, Karen speaks with Lisa Zahn, a board-certified family law attorney with Mackoy, Hernandez, Qualls, Brown and Zahn family law firm in North Texas. Karen and Lisa discuss how to make selecting and working with a divorce lawyer less intimidating and less expensive. You can learn more about Lisa at hqattorneys.com.

Here's more information about selecting and interviewing a divorce attorney..


Another Way Divorce Sucks: It Can Impact Your Long-term Health!


No matter how you look at it divorce sucks!...at least in the short-term. But more and more research is being done on how divorce impacts former spouses. The results are sobering.

Karen and her guest Dr. Jennifer Ridley, a functional medicine doctor, discuss the long-term health implications of divorce and what you can do to decrease your chances of becoming a statistic.

You can learn more about Dr. Ridley and her practice at livewelldfw.com.