Healing After Divorce

How To Overcome Your Post-Divorce Financial Fears

By Dr. Karen Finn / March 21, 2017

Your financial fears are a warning that you need to start thinking and doing things differently. One of the biggest fears people facing divorce have is not having enough money after their divorce is finished. This fear strikes people of all income levels. Now, the fact is that at first you won’t have enough money…

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How Long Will It Take To Get Over Your Divorce?

By Dr. Karen Finn / March 20, 2017

Knowing these 3 phases of divorce recovery will help you understand exactly how long it will take. The pain and confusion of divorce is so intense that at times you wonder if you’ve lost your mind. At other times, you worry that this agony is just how life will be from now on. In less…

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Woman contemplating the question: How To Recovery After Divorce?

How To Recover After Divorce

By Dr. Karen Finn / March 2, 2017

These 19 tips will help you heal from your divorce so you can move on with your life. Divorce knocks you down in just about every way imaginable. Along with losing your marriage, you lose your lifestyle, the goal of raising your children in an intact family, and all the other dreams you had for…

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5 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence Post-Divorce

By Dr. Karen Finn / February 21, 2017

Doing these simple things can make a BIG difference in how you feel about yourself. When I got divorced I thought it was painfully obvious to everyone who saw me – like there was a capital “D” tattooed on my forehead to announce my personal shame and failure without my ever saying a word. Obviously,…

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Moving On After Divorce Without Losing Your Kids

By Dr. Karen Finn / February 20, 2017

You can have a great life after divorce AND still be a great parent too. Divorce forces loss after loss after loss – loss of your marriage, loss of your home, loss of your life style, loss of your future together, and loss of your kids. Well, maybe you don’t really lose your kids, but…

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7 Tips For Getting Through Your Divorce In One Piece

By Dr. Karen Finn / February 13, 2017

Even if your divorce is tearing you apart, you can come out of it in one piece. When you’re going through a divorce, it feels like you’re running a marathon or two every single day. You’re spent. You’re running on fumes. And there’s no finish line in sight. At times you wonder if you’ll survive…

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Woman moving on after learning how to start healing after a divorce.

3 Steps For How To Start Healing After A Divorce

By Dr. Karen Finn / February 6, 2017

It won’t be easy, but these 3 steps will give you the best start for getting over your divorce. The fact that you’re searching for help on how to start healing after a divorce sucks. It means that your marriage is over and that you’re feeling miserable, lost, alone and afraid. You know that attorneys…

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4 Secrets To Putting Your Divorce Behind You

By Dr. Karen Finn / January 24, 2017

By consistently using these 4 secrets, you’ll avoid getting stuck as you heal from divorce. Many people naively assume that moving on after divorce happens naturally. They believe that somehow after either the decision to divorce is reached or the divorce agreement has been signed you are suddenly free from the past and should be…

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Woman sitting on a chair, holding her chin and struggling with negative thoughts.

Are Negative Thoughts Common After Divorce?

By Dr. Karen Finn / January 9, 2017

The help you need for understanding your post-divorce negative thoughts and how to stop them. Getting through all the drama, trauma and legalities of divorce is positively exhausting. It makes sense that you would wrestle with negative thoughts while you’re going through divorce. After all, before your divorce was final it was perfectly normal to…

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Am I The Only One In WTF Mode?

By Dr. Karen Finn / December 5, 2016

In short, no. Here’s why and what you can do about it. Getting served with divorce papers out of the blue is without question a WTF moment. Seriously, how could you ever be prepared for it? Sure your marriage wasn’t perfect, but whose is? And what gives the person who promised they’d love you forever…

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Woman contentedly wrapping a present for the holidays despite dealing with divorce.

3 Tips For Coping With The Holidays While You’re Dealing With Divorce

By Dr. Karen Finn / November 23, 2016

You don’t have to dread the holidays just because you’re dealing with divorce. The first holidays after divorce are tough. This is the one time of year when family and spending time with family is emphasized. And this holiday season, instead of being able to celebrate the whole season with a spouse (and your kids),…

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Woman in restaurant stuck in a world of negative thoughts.

Why You’re Having Negative Thoughts Post-Divorce And How To Stop Them

By Dr. Karen Finn / November 10, 2016

Negative thoughts are a normal part of divorce, but you don’t have to suffer with them indefinitely. Even in the best of times we all have negative thoughts. But when you get divorced the negative thoughts take over. You become trapped in a world of fears. You’re constantly asking yourself, “What if this happens?” And,…

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