Life After Divorce

Holiday table set with white plates, a blue runner, white and blue pumpkins, and flowers. 21 Tips To Survive Divorce And The Holidays.

21 Tips To Survive Divorce And The Holidays

By Dr. Karen Finn / November 11, 2013

These 21 tips to survive divorce and the holidays are exactly what you need!

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Time Management Tips For Real Divorce Recovery

By Dr. Karen Finn / October 22, 2013

Life is crazy enough without having to deal with divorce recovery. Learn how to make it easier. When I got divorced in 2002, I thought that after the decree was signed by the judge everything would be better. I’d somehow magically be over all of the pain, fear, anger and disorganization that seemed to have…

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Hands reaching out toward each other in front of blue background, finding the right divorce expert for you.

Finding The Right Divorce Experts For You

By Dr. Karen Finn / October 14, 2013

Make sure you’ve got the divorce experts you need on your side. Read more to find out which divorce experts you need.

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Couple holding hands at a restaurant table and dating after divorce.

Are You Ready To Start Dating Again?

By Dr. Karen Finn / September 4, 2013

Take this quick quiz and you’ll know if you’re ready to dive into dating. Everybody is different and no one answer will be right for everyone. This five-question quiz will let you know if you’re ready to start dating again or not. Do you want to date because your ex is? This is what I…

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Life Lessons From The Litter Box (And Pooper Scooper) Set

By Dr. Karen Finn / August 26, 2013

Paying attention to your pets can provide a lot of inspiration for getting through your divorce. I have four pets, two cats and two dogs. They each have very distinct personalities. Jewel is the youngest cat at about 12. Her short fur is all black except for a patch of white at the base of…

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Susan Morrow whose children were the victim of child abduction.

Love, Patience, And Always Hope

By Dr. Karen Finn / July 30, 2013

This is one story of child abduction that has a happy ending.

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Courage And Freedom

By Dr. Karen Finn / July 19, 2013

For me, my life has been one big life lesson in courage and freedom. Thus it comes as no surprise that helping others find the courage to reach financial freedom has been my career path for the past fifteen years. As a wealth advisor, I help others have the courage to pursue their dreams and…

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A Designer’s Perspective

By Dr. Karen Finn / June 17, 2013

This week Hugh Scarbrough, ASID, RID, owner and founder of Hugh Scarbrough Interior Design, LLC, is our guest blogger. Hugh realizes design dreams for his clients that reflect their lifestyles, building client relationships for a lifetime. Touting more than ten years in the industry, he seamlessly blends his exprertise, education as a registered interior designer,…

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Happy couple who have discovered how to trust again after divorce.

The 8 Keys To Trust In A Post-Divorce Relationship – Part 2

By Dr. Karen Finn / May 27, 2013

It’s hard to trust after divorce. Yet, learning to trust again is the only way to truly heal. Learn 4 of the 8 keys to rebuilding trust.

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Couple on a cliff overlooking the sea kissing because they've each found the ability to trust after divorce.

The 8 Keys To Trust In A Post-Divorce Relationship – Part 1

By Dr. Karen Finn / May 20, 2013

To be able to date successfully again, you need trust after divorce. Discover the first 4 of the 8 keys to trusting someone again.

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Part 3: How To Decrease Stress When You’re Going Through Divorce

By Dr. Karen Finn / April 29, 2013

Stress is a constant companion when you’re going through divorce. Here is one idea to help decrease the stress you’re experiencing.

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Part 2: How To Decrease Stress When You’re Going Through Divorce

By Dr. Karen Finn / April 22, 2013

When you’re going through divorce, it’s normal to feel stressed out. Sometimes taking control of your environment in little ways can make you feel tons better.

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