April Bonus

You’re going to melt with April’s bonus!


One of the toughest things I had to learn how to do when I got divorced was relax. I know it sounds strange, but it’s true.

I was so visibly tense that people would regularly tell me to relax. Each and every time someone told me to relax, I wanted to slap them! I was doing the best I could and telling me to do something that I obviously didn’t know how to do any better pissed me off. (And I’m sure you understand that it was my stress that made me want to react in such an inappropriate way.)

I didn’t like feeling stressed out any more than those around me liked seeing me that way.

I tried lots of different things to learn how to relax – yoga, meditation, reiki and cranial sacral therapy to name just a few. And they all helped. But in the very beginning what worked the best was to have someone help me learn the techniques. (Today I still practice yoga, meditation and reiki.)

Since I know how important it is to take time to relieve your stress every day, this month I’m sharing with you a guided meditation. Yup, I’ve recorded the meditation that people have asked me for the most. It’s just a tad over 2 minutes long, so it’s really quick and easy to do. Everyone who’s tried it over the years has noticed that they’ve relaxed – sometimes a lot and sometimes just a little.

You can listen to the recording and see how much relaxation you can squeeze into 2 minutes and 6 seconds by clicking below or visiting: http://drkarenfinn.com/images/audio/relaxation.mp3



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